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Match people with similar interests, either to find a date, a roommate or a match for their dog!


Create a platform for professionals from different fields to offer their services.

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Why choose Bleap?

We know building digital products is expensive and takes a lot of time. We take care of the technical issues so that you can focus on launching your idea!

Dev Team


Low development Costs

Development Costs

> 50.000 USD

< 200 USD

>Reduced development Times

Development Times

4 to 6 months minimum

3 to 4 weeks

Take control of your product and make changes yourself

Iteration Flexibility

Changing code is costly and can take weeks or even months, compromising time to market.

Making changes in Bleap can happen in seconds, and it´s free!

We take care of the technical complexity

As your technical co-founder we will:

Build the product for you!
Give you technical advise and guidance.
Continue to build your product with you.
Build the product for you!
Give you technical advise and guidance.
Continue to build your product with you.

Let's get it done

Customize your product by adding features you need to validate your idea.


What are the main differences between the Free and Pro Plans?

There are four main differences between the Free and Pro Plans:

  1. Ads: in the Free Plan, your product will display Bleap Ads; in the Pro Plan, we remove those Ads from your product.
  2. Domain: in the Free Plan, your product will live on a Bleap domain; in the Pro Plan, you can publish your product to any domain you choose.
  3. Storage: in the Free Plan, your product will be able to store up to 0.5 GB of data; in the Pro Plan, your product’s storage capacity will increase to up to 10 GB.
  4. Number of products you can create: in the Free Plan, you’ll be able to create up to three products (one of each type); in the Pro Plan, you’ll have the freedom to create as many products as you wish.
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Why do I need a custom domain?

The domain is the name that your product has on the Internet. In other words, it will be easier for your users to access your product through a direct search or keywords. With a custom domain you will be able to give a professional and unique first impression: it is important that your domain corresponds as much as possible to your brand, so that your users will easily remember it.

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Are my Extra Features a one-time payment?

Once you have selected your Extra Features, you will pay for them one time only – they will not affect the status or amount of your subscription.

This means that you can buy Extra Features for a product even if you have a Free Plan.

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What kind of support can I expect from Bleap?

Bleap will always be there to fix any bugs that may come up in your product. However, this doesn’t mean that we’ll build any feature you might request.

If you want to add new features to your product, you can purchase them from the Extra Features section in your Dashboard. In case of requesting a customization or new functionality, we will evaluate the possibility of building it and we will contact you.

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